International Airport in Mexico reaches out to SGS Frangible for various frangible structures

SGS Frangible has always moved with an attitude of providing high service and simple processing. This key principle has not only got great applaud for the company but great work experience as well. Felipe Ángeles International Airport, Mexico is one name out of that.

With a wide scope of the given work, the customer has ordered 40 Lattice Mast with Cross Arm in order to mount 4 LED Lights and 1 Sequential Light for Felipe Ángeles International Airport, Mexico. Valuing the given opportunity, SGS Frangible has turned down every obstacle and timely supplied Precession Approach Lighting System and Frangible Towers to the client.

As good work is always backed up with a great team, team members of SGS Frangible worked really hard to ensure that more than 100 percent quality can be delivered along with regular assistance for ease of installation and maintenance, if any. The product assurance has been genuinely promised by SGS Frangible along with the associated product warranties.

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