PERU gets to know the specialty of SGS Frangible; ordered 17 AWOS towers

Direction and Speed holds ample importance in the field of aviation. Recognizing this, SGS Frangible manufactures various meteorological instruments and gets them installed as well depending upon the client requirement.

Recently, Morcom Inc., USA became aware about the specialty of SGS Frangible and has booked it for the manufacturing of Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) towers that has to be delivered in PERU. With great attention to the details and scope of customization, SGS Frangible has taken up the request and got 17 AWOS towers delivered in PERU.

All the towers were of 10 meter height and Lattice Mast type. The towers were fully compliant with international standards and ICAO guidelines and falls in the category of the products that has successfully passed the Full Impact Crash Testing conducted by third party.

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