SGS Frangible became a part of the 13th Annual Conference on “Airports in India”; February 2019

Premiere conferences play a significant role in highlighting the latest trends and developments in any given sector. These can include analysis of various impactful factors, regulations & standards, and new areas of growth & threats. The 13th annual conference on “Airports in India” was conducted to pin-point the recent developments and updates in the aviation & airports sector. It focused on the new opportunities for the aviation sector along with performing evaluation and analysis of the recent policy and regulatory initiatives. It also emphasized upon the latest innovations, noteworthy projects and high tech technologies.

SGS Frangible also got a chance to participate in the 13th Annual Conference on “Airports in India” which was held in New Delhi from February 5th to 6th; 2019 as an Exhibitor. With a dedicated booth, SGS Frangible showcased its superior products viz. Lattice Frangible Tower which resulted into numerous inquiries about the product specifications & pricing, visitors and interest of other exhibitors due to exceptional product quality and assurance.

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