Adding Low Profile Additive to Polyester Resin for Ultimate Quality

Low profile additives (LPA) are thermoplastics particles which are incorporated into polyester resins to improve the surface finish of fiber composites. With great capability of providing strength by compensating porosity and shrinkage, low profile additives are widely used in wide range of composite; automobile and engineering areas.

General application areas of Low Profile Additives

– inability to hold tolerances

– major warpage

– voids & cracks

– poor surface

– fiber pattern

– sink or depression on the surface

How Low Profile Additives actually work for composite industry?

Since application of composites made of fibers and polyester resins is wide, understanding the failure processes of such composites is equally important to know the importance of Low Profile Additives (LPA). As a matter of fact, the fracture of the resin initiates bulk composite fracture thereby further leading towards residual stresses. The residual stresses that occur due to the resin volumetric shrinkage during the curing of the resin are undesired and un-favorable. These un-favorable stresses further enhance the resin fracture. Due to the resin shrinkage, there is a high probability of decrease in the surface quality of the product which is treated with the addition of Low Profile Additives (LPA). These stresses can be reduced and even reversed by the addition of high quality LPA which is done by SGS Frangible.

Since, even the best low profile additives find it hard to achieve a mirror like surface, the low profile additives added by the SGS Frangible not only belongs to an exclusive range of quality but of high end methodology too, that’s why the effective use of low profile additives at SGS Frangible acts as a surface quality enhancer. Since LPA decrease surface roughness and improve surface smoothness of the thermosetting resin, it cures the cross section of the surface having lower peaks and shallower valleys thereby eliminating sink or depression in the surface.

Final Wordings

Since the use of fiberglass reinforced thermosetting polyester resins has been an effective method of improvisation and innovation in the composite industry, SGS Frangible has been highly efficient in using the low profile additives in the rightmost manner for producing the materials with high heat resistance and strength. As by their very nature it is difficult to mold the thermosetting composites without compromising the surface cosmetics of the finished part so it is assured at SGS Frangible to deliver exceptional quality to consumers by continuously improving the surface smoothness and dimensional stability of composite parts with the addition of high quality low profile additives (LPA) to polyester resins for ultimate life and finish.

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