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As rightly said – every step matters in creating a classic product, same implies to the frangible and other airport structures manufactured by SGS Frangible Towers. Below are the few “small things” that we take care of to ensure high end quality frangible products, read further to know in detail –

  • Selection of materials for frangible structures – When selecting frangible safety support structures, the materials used is one of the most important considerations. For that matter, we use raw material of the best quality that exhibits corrosion resistance, long term stability and frangibility.
  • Safety – As it is highly desired that the material chosen for support structures should not cause radio frequency interference (RFI) or electromagnetic interference (EMI) as that could compromise the safety of aircraft communications systems, the materials (FRP) used by SGS Frangible Towers do not distort the instrument landing or communication systems as they are transparent to radio waves along with being a good isolator. When considering the safety of maintenance activities, it is an important factor.
  • Resistance to environment & corrosion – As per directions, frangible safety masts along with their components should be highly and fully resistant to environmental conditions. They are expected to resist corrosion through their expected lifecycle in various temperature ranges along with being tolerant to water, maritime climate, humidity, rain and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Such resiliency is important for safe operations of airlines that actually operate in diverse global climates so for that the Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) we use is a low heat transmitter and thus does not freeze during snowy and icy conditions and does not corrode and also tolerates the chemicals which are often used in the airport environment.
  • Environmental impacts – The manufacturing process for Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) at SGS Frangible Towers have a low carbon footprint and are recyclable and therefore don’t lead to greenhouse and other environmental effects.
  • Design considerations – When towers greater than 6 m in height are concerned, we understand any limitations regarding maintenance when selecting a design.
  • Installation, safety and maintenance – For easier maintenance of lights, factually all masts of 2 m and higher should tilt that’s why lattice masts over 6 m in height are fitted with a center hinge to tilt the mast for servicing. Moreover, for extra tall structures of 12 m and higher, to allow just one person to tilt the lattice mast from ground level, a concrete base is used. Such lattice designs not only eliminate the need for cranes, service platforms, winches, and heavier masts but are also safer.
  • Standardization during manufacturing – The manufacturing process of SGS frangible support structures follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to avoid any deviation at any point of time and is monitored carefully under a certified quality system. The final qualification of a design is performed on a production quality unit and each batch is tested separately to ensure correct frangibility behavior.


Before an aid is considered for installation, its frangibility should be proven at every step with small things being taken care of. Applying the same principle to SGS Frangible Towers when evaluating frangible support structures, approach lighting masts and meteorological equipment etc., our structures are tested against the requirements by rigorous frangibility and stability testing, thereby ensuring the quality of our offered products. With SGS Frangible Towers safe and cost-effective maintenance activities due to advanced design, manufacturing processes and materials, airports can enhance the overall safety and profitability of their operations and thus can rely confidently and freely on us for a support with a thought that at SGS Frangible Towers quality really starts with “small things”.

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