Glide Path Towers from SGS Frangible

Being critical to safely landing the aircraft, Glide Path Towers are an essential part of the ILS viz. Instrument Landing System. Due to its mission critical nature, the support structure of the Glide Path Tower is required to be rigid with high stiffness so that the antennas can work properly and minimum deflection occurs. Although this requirement is easily fulfilled by robust steel structures manufactured by other composite products companies but an essential factor stays missing to a great extent, that is, frangibility.

Why frangibility is required in the Glide Path Towers?

As per ICAO, Glide Path towers should have implicit feature of frangibility so that in case of an accidental impact, it should not be detrimental to aircraft. Also, it should be designed to withstand the static and operational wind or jet blast loads with a suitable factor of safety. That’s why SGS Frangible innovated with structure of glide path towers in such a manner that it not only offers frangibility but also strength by using a a unique fiber reinforced polymer that not only meet the requirements but also possess many benefits.

What’s different about SGS Glide Path Towers?

SGS Frangible Glide Path Towers are made up of fiber reinforced polymer and is based on the thorough science and technology of composites. Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a lightweight material that can break at impact thereby ensuring the safety of the aircraft. It is also transparent to electro-magnetic signals and thus doesn’t provide any interference with the ILS. Since it can tolerate all types of weather with excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance properties, it is practically maintenance free for a long span of time.

With special innovative technical details in the manufacturing and design construction, the glide path towers of SGS Frangible are made up of frangible sections which further helps in maintaining deflection under operational conditions thereby ensuring reliable performance of the supported antennas and to stand heavy ice loads and strong winds with minimum twisting. Depending on heights, towers are customized in a manner that minimizes the footprint.

Moreover, tailor made optional ladder, cable guides, obstruction light, and adjustable antenna mounts are provided. Since, SGS Frangible Glide Path Towers are neutral to various geographic and extreme locations like salty, windy, icy and humid etc., the structures are fabricated to reduce the cost of shipping and installation too, and therefore SGS Frangible Glide Path Towers stands in the list of smart choices for long service lifetime.

Concluding Words

As any equipment or installation which is located on the runway basic strip, runway end safety area and taxiway strip should be frangible and mounted as low as possible, SGS Frangible fully abides by the Aerodrome Design Manual and thus stays updated with innovative product and service offerings so that aviation safety remains at the top.

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