Corrosion-free accessories for all-weather

Showcasing an exclusive range of our high-quality structures without mentioning the real strength factor of their making is just like a food product exhibition without telling its real ingredients which makes it different from existing ones in the market. Yes, we are talking about the Corrosion-free accessories and mountings of SGS Frangible Towers and poles.

But before we move on with our specialty, let’ give you a glimpse of the fundamentals.

What is Corrosion?

Scientifically, corrosion is the successive or gradual degradation of materials as a result of any environmental reaction – be it chemical or electrochemical. In simple words, it deteriorates the refined metal you intend to protect, thereby ultimately leading to the deterioration of the material itself.

How important it is to use Corrosion-free accessories?

As corrosion involves the chemical or physical deterioration of accessories when exposed to a hostile environment, it results in the weakening or breakage of chemical bonds.

To be on the real side, it is always essential to use corrosion-free accessories, especially for towers, masts, poles, etc. to increase the actual life of these products.Since SGS Frangible products are known for dealing with tough weather conditions and structural troubles in a graceful and strengthened attitude by ensuring complete safety and longevity, this is just due to its use of corrosion-free material for its mountings and accessories.

SGS Frangible proudly highlights its

  • high corrosion and oxidation resistance,
  • tensile,
  • shear,
  • light-weight and
  • fatigue strength constructions

with their operational capabilities in extreme environments.

What separates SGS Frangible Towers from its competitors?

We always invest in quality and for that, we never hesitate to pay the cost. Yes, it’s true even in the use of the metal in the making of our accessories; nuts; bolts, and various mountings that is Stainless Steel.

How our use of Stainless Steel ensures Corrosion-free accessories for all weather?

Stainless steel is an alloy of chromium, copper, and nickel within varying compositions. Although it possesses a wide range of physical characteristics it’s two most important characteristics which differentiate it from other metals are our true catch.

These are – Resistance to corrosion and Coefficient of thermal expansion. As evident, the expansion and contraction of structural stainless steel are greater along with its high degree of corrosion-resistance. By the formation of a very thin transparent surface film that develops naturally when the steel is exposed to the atmosphere, Stainless steel obtains its corrosion-resistance property. This ensures a high degree of corrosion resistance that helps to keep our accessories and universal mountings corrosion-free for long term use with unending ability to take considerable physical strain bearing the ultimate level of harsh environment without any harm and fracturing to the structures.

The benefits of stainless steel don’t end here. Its corrosion-resistance properties against the high cost in comparison to other metals are a worthy investment as it offers a hugely valuable combo in the form of- low maintenance and true strength.

Final Wordings

For some of those who say that an appropriate coating does wonder for providing a barrier between the structures and the corrosive medium, no doubt it is true and can slow down the corrosion rate to a large extent but this also becomes unessential to consider when the metal used for manufacturing of universal mountings and accessories like nuts, bolts, etc. is capable of providing rock like shielded strength to the structures itself.

That’s what SGS Frangible Towers feels and believes for its unbeatable manufacturing of Corrosion-free accessories for all weather.

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