Flying is the safest mode of Travel

Throughout its history, aviation safety has been broadly looked after within the aviation sector as a valuable tool by investigating any accidents, incidents and complaints. Such ethical practices have not only enabled the sector to learn by an evidence based explanation of the accident but has also equipped it to draft the best recommendations to prevent reoccurrences thereby bringing aviation to the top and making flying as the safest mode of travel.

How much of it is factually true?

Flying safety is as old as aviation itself. Whether it’s establishing rules for uncontrolled flights in airspace or above territorial waters, the aviation sector has always taken care of the key considerations bluntly. In contrast to other modes of transport, aviation has maintained its international orientation throughout its development and as a result, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) itself became a part of an evolutionary objective which is aimed at assuring safe flying for aviators/passengers and for aviation industry. Moreover, in order to protect the aviators from serious or irreversible damage, a timely response mechanism has been developed along with effective measures to avoid flying degradation. This straightaway tells that flying safety is considered as the most essential parameter by aviation industry for offering the safest travel.

How flight safety is ensured?

Through checks & balances – Flight crew, aircraft dispatchers and air traffic control are the divisions that make up every successful flight. Each department monitors the other by relying on each other. From the pilot to first officer and navigator to aircraft dispatcher, each one shares an equal amount of responsibility for flight safety viz. changing altitude request goes through various departments before any action.

Through certified training and certifications – Despite the fact that aircraft dispatcher training is short, it is highly vigorous and test-driven, that’s why becoming a certified aircraft dispatcher comes after a number of successful tests which means that only a rightly learned person will be given the authority of the position. In addition to all this, landing a job of first officer and pilot at any good airline comes after experience of a number of years which reflects that only a well-trained individual can become eligible to fly the plane.

Through futuristic technology – Aviation technology is advancing to incredible levels with immense monitoring about all essentials of and around the plane. It covers all insights up to 50 dimensions in time and space which acts as that source of information that can avoid every possible danger to safety.

Through Airline Regulations & Authorities – All are monitored & reviewed, be it – Pilots, aircraft dispatchers and air traffic controllers. From core safety regulations to strict rules, every safety measure is taken by airport authorities and ICAO to make flying the ultimate safe and enjoyable experience for passengers and aviators.

SGS Frangible Verdict

It’s always our own choice that makes us apart and fly high, so next time when you think of travelling, choose only the safest mode of travel – Flying.

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