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The majority of us feel fascination on thinking about flying through an aircraft. More than fascination, nowadays it has become an obvious medium to travel. Even after keeping a pool of requirements inside, a little boggling comes to mind about the safety in aviation sector.

The highest safety extent of aircraft is the major concerning area of Aviation Industry itself which acts as one of the major constraints for Airport designing along with easy maintainability and affordable cost of support structures. In the comparison of the schema of almost 20 years ago, the accident rate of aircraft is much less today due to safety-proof solutions available for pressing problems and challenges, which in results fortify the overall optimum and productive performance rate.

SGS Frangible Towers contributes to managing Aviation Safety. Putting a piece of contribution for equipping Aviation Industry with safety-proof solutions, SGS Frangible Towers Pvt. Ltd. raises its hand to provide support structures to be installed for the side of the runway and approach lines in the form of products like Approach light Towers, Meteorological Towers, Frangible Wind Cones along with other useful applications like Airport Camera, Frangible Landing Direction Indicator, Taxi Road Holding Lights, and Frangible Fencing.

As per the importance of structures defined by design consultants, engineers, and authorities of airports along with strict compliance of rules for appropriate design, materials, and testing for structures issued by ICAO and FAA, SGS Frangible Towers fully showcases its true worth of existence by holding Wings India 2020 – an Aviation Innovation Award. With a strong intent of becoming a reliable supplier ensuring the highest safety point at an excellent value, SGS Frangible Towers has successfully tested its products and their performance for exploring full impact crash by third party inspection agency Intertek, USA as per the ICAO guidelines and FAA Advisory.

Since the most crucial factor about the support structure design is biased to specific needs of an airport taking into account its local circumstances and elements, SGS Frangible Towers ensures delivery of fully international susceptible products meeting all quality standards and rules defined by regulating bodies. Due to the use of fiberglass composite for the construction of products with high resistance for wind load and aircraft blast, SGS Frangible Towers and Mast are transparent to electromagnetic waves and do not interfere with radio signals, thereby helping in the promotion of an uninterrupted communication system for an aircraft which further helps for its smooth landing with installed measures of safety and security.

After all, a comfortable flight ensuring the highest safety parameter with a mounted support system is the major concern of the Aviation Industry and SGS Frangible Towers

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