Braking Action on Runway during Monsoon

Braking action in aviation is a description of how easily an aircraft can stop after landing on a runway. Runway braking conditions are reported as good, fair, poor and nil, to give pilots some idea of how controllable the aircraft will be during taxi, takeoff and landing. For safety, an advisory is included in the Automatic Terminal Information Service. During the monsoon every year, there are runway excursions or overshooting of the runway by aircraft. Many of these can be prevented if the required data like the presence of standing water and its depth and braking action are given.

There is the layer if water between the aircraft tires and runway thus reducing the friction to a level that results in aircraft skidding and overshooting the runways. In some airports, runway condition sensors are installed and flush embedded in the runways which provide real time runway surface condition by providing water amount measurement, Surface temperature measurement and the freezing point.

With technology, our airports are getting more and safer during the extreme weather conditions.

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