Why autonomous third-party (recognized by ICAO and the FAA) Impact Test is required for airport Frangible Structures?

Full impact test is a crucial testing parameter for any frangible structure installed nearby Runway. As per ICAO, High-speed, full-scale testing is a proven method for verification of frangibility. Dynamic tests are recommended for verification of frangibility of navigational aids having an overall height in excess of 1.2 m and located in positions where they are likely to be impacted by an aircraft in flight.

Full Impact test as per below International Compliance

  • International Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO) Aerodrome Design Manual DOC 9157AN/901 Part 6- Frangibility Subsection 4.9.20. 4.9.21 and 4.9.22
  • U.S. Department of Transportation , Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Advisory Circular No 150/5345-45, Section 3.9 and 4.2.5

It is essential that frangibility tests are conducted and certified under supervision of an autonomous third-party (ICAO & FAA) like NLR and Intertek.


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